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Does your Employee Handbook address social media?

Prudent employers have known, for many years, the importance of Employee Handbooks in setting forth a company’s policies and operational procedures. However, the recent increase in the popularity of social media – Facebook, Twitter, blogs and the like – has taken many employers, and their Handbooks, by surprise.

Policies governing mobile phones, computers, Internet access and e-mail no longer suffice. With social media, every employee – for better or for worse, intentionally or unintentionally – can become a spokesperson for the company.


Tweet Leads to $50,000 Defamation Suit

An unhappy tenant wrote the following tweet about her landlord: “Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.”

The landlord learned about the tweet and, in response, filed a $50,000 lawsuit stating that the tenant maliciously and wrongfully defamed the landlord.

More details on Avvo.

The moral: When using social media, be very careful about what you write about any company or person. If you would be reluctant to make the statement to its/his/her face, think twice before you post it.

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