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How Can I Enter a Non-US Address on the Statement of Information Form?

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This post is adapted from an Avvo question that I answered. The questioner was having trouble figuring out how to enter foreign addresses in the Statement of Information form that California corporations file with the Secretary of State each year.

Q. I need to file Form SI-200 for a California corporation. The officers are foreign persons living outside of the US, but the form does not have a field for country. How can I solve this Problem?


Statements of Information: Easy is Good

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This post discusses Statements of Information, which corporations and limited liability companies need to file with the California Secretary of State.

When you form your corporation or LLC, the Secretary of State’s welcome letter will tell you to file a Statement of Information within 90 days.

You need to update a corporation’s Statement of Information every year. For an LLC, you need to update every two years every two years.