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Corporate Officers Need Not Be Human Beings (in Many States)

Logo for Quora, where Dana Shultz answered a question, stating that corporate officers need not be human beingsThis post discusses my surprise at finding that there apparently is no requirement that corporate officers be human beings.

My answer to a Quora question is the basis for this post. Please see Could an A.I. create a company and do all the functions typical of another company?

I was about to write an answer stating that corporate officers be natural persons (human beings). But with a bit of research, I found that apparently is not the case! (more…)

No, You Can’t Marry a Corporation

Bride standing with groom kneeling

Now for something on the lighter side, a Quora question and my answer: Q. If marriage is a constitutionally protected right between people, and corporations are guaranteed the rights of a person, is it possible to marry a corporation? (Emphasis added.)

A. No. Marriage is reserved for natural persons (let’s not get into which pairs of natural persons). Corporations and other business entities are artificial persons.

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