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Presenting “Social Media for Lawyers” at State Bar Annual Meeting

On Saturday (September 25), at 2:15 pm, I will be on a panel presenting “Social Media for Lawyers” at the State Bar of California’s 2010 Annual Meeting. With 25% of my new clients during the past year coming directly from my online activities, I have been asked to help fellow lawyers understand that the law must be practiced with an eye on the future, rather than being stuck in the past.

As the sole business / transactional lawyer on the panel (Mark Ressa practices family law, and Brett Burlison is a personal injury lawyer), I have a different perspective from that of my colleagues. The topics that I will discuss include:

  • Blogging successfully
  • Using social media sites (LinkedIn, Avvo) to generate blog traffic
  • Developing an effective social media methodology (why, who, what, where, when, how)
  • Complying with ethical requirements (testimonials, confidentiality)

* * *

Follow-up: What Lawyers Want from Social Media discusses what I saw and learned at the session and provides access to our PowerPoint slides.

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