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Can a Corporation Issue More Shares than are Authorized?

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This post is based on a question that I (and others) answered on Quora: What happens when a corporation issues more shares than are authorized under the Articles of Incorporation?

Answer: The supposedly-issued shares are void – in effect, they do not exist. For the shares to be issued, the Articles (CA) or Certificate (DE) of Incorporation must be amended to increase the authorized number of shares. Then, to be safe, the shares should be re-issued pursuant to an appropriate board resolution.

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How Can I Change the Name of My Corporation?

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Sometimes a corporation needs to change its name – perhaps its products or services have changed, or the name is similar to another company’s name, or there is a better way to suggest what makes the company special. This post explains how easy it is for California and Delaware corporations to change their names. (There are exceptions, but the following will apply under most circumstances.)

California corporations: