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Dana Shultz retired from the practice of law in 2020. As a lawyer, Dana dispensed as much business advice as legal advice. Accordingly, although he no longer is practicing law, Dana occasionally provides business consulting services to owners of small businesses and mentoring services to business lawyers.

If you need legal representation, Dana provides referrals to experienced business lawyers.

The remainder of this page is being retained online for archival purposes.

This page about fees for the services that Dana Shultz provides is an Advertisement under Rule of Professional Conduct 1-400, Standard 5 (now subject to Chapter 7 of the Rules of Professional Conduct that took effect on November 1, 2018).

Fixed fees typically apply to entity formation-related services. Please see:

Fees of $400 per hour typically apply to other services. Dana usually can provide a realistic estimate or the number of hours that will be required for most matters. For some services, however, such as contract negotiation, the process is not under Dana’s or his client’s control. As a result, the amount of time that will be required is inherently unpredictable.

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