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Client Testimonials

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Dana Shultz retired from the practice of law in 2020. As a lawyer, Dana dispensed as much business advice as legal advice. Accordingly, although he no longer is practicing law, Dana occasionally provides business consulting services to owners of small businesses and mentoring services to business lawyers.

If you need legal representation, Dana provides referrals to experienced business lawyers.

The remainder of this page is being retained online for archival purposes.

Client testimonials concerning Dana Shultz and his services (a) are based outcomes that result from each client’s factual and legal circumstances and (b) do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of any client’s legal matter. (Just in case you are wondering, Board of Governors Standard (2) adopted pursuant to CA Rule of Professional Conduct 1-400(E) – now governed by Chapter 7 of the Rules of Professional Conduct that took effect on November 1, 2018 – requires that I provide a disclaimer.)

Please see, in addition to these client testimonials, the recommendations on Dana’s LinkedIn profile.

* * *

Dana has been a wonderful lawyer. For a startup with limited resources and time, he’s affordable, efficient, and clear in his work. As others have reported, he is a very “non-lawyerish” lawyer. This makes him easy to approach and work with.

As an example, I found out one day that I urgently needed stock purchase agreements drafted for Assembl Inc. After calling over 20 attorney’s offices, Dana was the first to greet me and listen (every other answer was a receptionist or lawyer who did not want to take us on). Having known Dana from his Quora profile, I was shocked to have such an accessible point of contact – one would think such a high-profile person would have no time for picking up the phone – but no! After a short phone call, we agreed to work together, and everything went smoothly from there.

I couldn’t more highly recommend Dana, especially if you’re a start-up without much access to legal services. He’s accessible, friendly, understanding and knows what he’s doing. All I could ask for!

Sebastian Mellen, Assembl Inc.

* * *


“I’m loving you so much right now. Thanks a lot for the fantastic work! Will ping you if I need anything else. And will definitely recommend your services to anyone asking.”

Nico Badano, Miracle Devs

* * *

“I have won every bid you have worked on with me.”

Chris Paul, President, Rex Consulting, Inc.

* * *

“Just a quick note to say thank you for your help!  I got the EIN while I was in Hong Kong setting things up, and now — finally — my company has its own D-U-N-S number and is successfully registered in SAM so that it can do business with the federal government.  You were an important part of this process, and well worth the fee. I have and will gladly recommend you to my friends.”

Mike Gloss, President, Grafikwala Motion Post Limited

* * *

“As a DE Corp., I was confused by a request from CA Secretary of State for a Statement of Information for a (Foreign Corporation) SI-350 and associated fee. I almost emailed Dana to for an answer but decided to do a web search first. After a brief Internet-wide search, I found the answer on Dana’s own blog! I was then able to resolve the issue myself. Thanks Dana!”

Dave Watson, CEO, Slice Energy Inc.

* * *

“You are a wonderful person and I truly understand why everyone wants to work with you.”

Mary Kent-Brissenden

* * *

“It’s been great working with you on this project and I thank you for taking it on. Your response time has been most impressive and the fees were very reasonable. You’ve helped me out quite a bit here and it’s very much appreciated.”

Sean McKnew, Manager, Xoozio Media, LLC

* * *

“Thanks for your work on our incorporation. I would definitely recommend your services to others.”

Benn Brown, President, Prem Soccer Solutions, Inc.

* * *

“Once TruVideo was up and running, we needed help with customer licensing agreements. I could see right away that you would be easy to work with. I was especially impressed by how quickly you understood our business model.

“I have relied a lot on your legal knowledge to keep TruVideo out of trouble. But equally important, you have great business sense.

“Finally, when you say you will get something done, you always get it done on time and in a way that exceeds my expectations.”

Avideh Zakhor, Founder, TruVideo, Inc.

* * *

“This letter is to express our deepest gratitude for your assistance and guidance in preparing and negotiating our software distribution agreement….

“We feel the contract terms are fair and that the pricing is very attractive. Most important, we felt that you always kept our objectives and best interests in mind and that you clearly understood the implications of our decisions….

“We appreciate your fine skills and the integrity you displayed throughout the negotiation process!”

Arash Behnia, Executive Vice President, Mitratech, Inc.

* * *

“We were looking for three things from our lawyer: personal attention, reasonable fees and in-depth knowledge of intellectual property…. You have more than met our expectations….

“Equally impressive, you have been an amazing resource of referrals to other professionals that a growing company needs….

“In summary, your services have been invaluable. We could not have come nearly so far so quickly without your help.”

Mike Avenel, Founder, DecisionRight, Inc.

* * *

“As an arts organization we are constantly working with materials that are subject to copyright law. Your assistance in helping us develop sound policy respecting our intellectual property rights and responsibilities has been invaluable.

“Even better, your negotiation skills have allowed us to carry out those responsibilities without having to increase staff…. We were out of our league without your help, but you guided us to an excellent outcome.”

Art Kelly, Executive Director, Piedmont Choirs

* * *

Normally I do not have good things to say about anyone in the legal profession (insert your lawyer jokes here), Dana stands out as someone who is more than just someone in the legal profession who would just bill you for his time. I’ve known Dana since my Macromedia days (as my colleague) and kept in touch since then and had the opportunity to hire him to create an independent contract agreement. Prior to delivering my document (on time and in scope), he went well beyond the call of duty (he is truly a high-touch service provider) and acted also as my business consultant to give me few pointers on how to manage an independent business. I highly recommend Dana for any legal service you need and beyond that, he is a great adviser and a colleague.

Yasuo Sonoda, Travel Infrastructure Consultant, Sonoda Travel Management Solutions

* * *

I have had a number of occasions to see Dana interact with start-up and early-stage entrepreneurs. In each instance, he has provided succinct, common-sense recommendations to help the entrepreneur move the business forward.

David Libby, President, Two Pins Public Relations

* * *

Dana is is well rounded law professional with excellent communication and planning / process skills. As a corporate lawyer, we have used Dana as our core legal backing in every aspect of the business. He follows up quickly, translates the question from a business question to a legal question and back to a business answer we understand. Also- he is not a big firm but eager to refer questions that are not in his area of expertise to other lawyers. After that, he follows up and manages that we get the answer we need.

Egbert Hendriks, CEO, HintTech, Inc.

* * *

I have hired Dana for improving some of the standard agreements in our company as well as to create new ones. This includes product license agreements, reseller agreements and a few more. Dana has done a great job, and is doing a great job for us. He advised us on major issues and created good output in a short time. We’ll continue to hire Dana. Also, it’s a pleasure to work with Dana, he’s a very amiable person.

Christine Karman, CEO, Izecom, Inc.

* * *

Dana was instrumental in enabling the sale of information products online by my company, Venture Momentum, Inc. I was very impressed by his thorough and methodical approach to the engagement. He offered me a very clear explanation of pertinent legal issues, drafted the end user license agreement, and reviewed the sales page and shopping cart to insure proper flow and consistency in the language. I am delighted to have him as my company’s legal counsel.

Anthony Nassar, Founder & Principal, Venture Momentum, Inc.

* * *

Dana is recommended as a professional legal mind, integrity and clarity. I also consider Dana a friend. I am proud to recommend Dana Shultz to any business that would like legal advise.

John Ochinero, CEO, GoldenOar, Inc.

* * *

Dana Shultz has given us exactly the services and support that we needed for our company right from the start. An excellent specialist. A great pleasure to work with. And above all a very open, honest and warm personality.

Marcel Borgman,

* * *

Dana provided very cost-effective IP licensing services for my laser-IP, single-person company; he owned the document drafting and negotiating sessions, and broght home a very favorable deal. Dana’s perfect for the entrepreneurial small firm needing a high level of licensing services at a very competitive cost. Very responsive, too.

Bill Krupke, WFK Lasers, LLC

* * *

I first met Dana at Visa where we worked together to develop multi-million dollar software licensing and vendor contracts. Since then I have used Dana to establish an LLC for my new IT Management Consulting firm. Dana is a delight to work with and has an excellent grasp of the legal, business, and technical issues required in the development of technical contracts. You will not be disappointed.

Steve Freeman, Bridge Creek Consulting, LLC

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    I have been able to receive EIN for an international company who want to set up a subsidiary in US. I have also formed the subsidiary and been able to receive EIN for that as well. I know there has to be consideration from both companies. My question is, how do I get this recognised as a parent-subsidiary in the state of Georgia. The directors want this formed in Georgia.

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    @seth wiredu
    The parent pays some amount of money, which is deposited into the sub’s bank account. In return, the sub issues its shares to the parent (the parent receives a share certificate and is listed as the sole stockholder on the share transfer ledger).