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About Dana Shultz

Dana Shultz retired from the practice of law in 2020. As a lawyer, Dana dispensed as much business advice as legal advice. Accordingly, although he no longer is practicing law, Dana occasionally provides consulting services to owners and managers of small businesses and mentoring services to business lawyers.

If you need legal representation, Dana provides referrals to experienced business lawyers.

The remainder of this page is being retained online for archival purposes.

Dana Shultz is a business-savvy attorney with in-depth knowledge of law, business, technology, and the needs of startup and early-stage companies.

Dana develops close working relationships with clients based on a positive attitude and rock-solid dependability. He delivers High-touch Legal Services® (about which you may read many Client Testimonials) – thus the name of his blog.

Dana received an undergraduate degree with honors in Communication Sciences from the University of Michigan and a law degree from Boalt Hall School of Law (University of California at Berkeley). He is a member of the State Bar of California. Dana’s LinkedIn page has a large amount of additional information, including many client recommendations.

Dana Shultz – Career History

Before starting his own law practice, Dana provided in-house legal services at companies ranging in size from pre-IPO to multinational. His positions included:

Dana’s work experience also includes management consulting in information technology; litigation support marketing and sales; and software development. These elements combine to give Dana Shultz an in-depth understanding of business operations that adds value to his legal skills and services. (See If you had to do it all over again, would you still be a lawyer?)

Dana Shultz – Answers

See Dana’s answers to thousands of legal and business questions on Avvo.

Dana was honored as a Top Writer on Quora every year that Top Writers were awarded (2013 through 2018). Dana’s more popular  answers include those to the following questions:

Dana Shultz – Personal

Dana moved to Berkeley for law school shortly after marrying his wife, Peggy. They have lived in the East Bay ever since then. (Dana’s answer to What was your experience like when you decided to become an attorney? on Quora tells the story of how he went from writing software in Detroit to attending law school in Berkeley.)

Photo of Dana Shultz with Ganyao Arunleung, Head Muay Thai Trainer at Pacific Ring Sports

Dana Shultz with Ganyao Arunleung, Head Muay Thai Trainer at Pacific Ring Sports

They have two intelligent, personable, attractive daughters with whom Dana has been totally in love since the minute they were born. They also have two intelligent, personable, attractive female Golden Retrievers (Dana is the only male in the household).

In 2009, Dana took up Muay Thai (kickboxing), which now is one of the most exciting things in his life. He works out at Pacific Ring Sports, which is a great gym with fabulous owners and trainers.

Contact Dana Shultz

If you would like to contact Dana Shultz, his telephone number is +1 510-326-2123, his e-mail address (expressed to escape software that harvests addresses from websites) is: dana [at] danashultz [dot] com, and his Skype ID is dana.h.shultz.

Please be aware that visiting this blog or contacting me (I’m in the San Francisco, California, Bay Area) will not create an attorney-client relationship. Until that relationship is created (typically via a signed engagement letter), neither the attorney-client privilege nor any obligation of confidentiality will apply to any communications. Please limit anything you write to the general nature of the matter that you would like to discuss.

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