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What Is a Smart Contract?

Screenshot of a Google search for " smart contract "The term ” smart contract ” has been appearing a lot, lately. (A recent Google search returned more than 4 million hits!) But there is confusion and misunderstanding concerning what this term means.

This post explains what smart contracts are, and what they are not.

A Smart Contract Is Not…

Despite their name, smart contracts are not contracts.

  • As concerns form, they are not text documents divided into sections, paragraphs and clauses.
  • As concerns substance, they are not statements of parties’ respective rights and obligations in their business relationship.

Furthermore, they are not smart. They do not exhibit intelligence.

A Smart Contract Is…

Today, I consider smart contracts most useful as supply-chain management tools.

Here is a simplified example:

  • First, a distributed ledger records a supplier’s performance obligations.
  • At some point, the supplier satisfies those performance obligations.
  • Then the distributed ledger authorizes payment to the supplier.

Put simply, smart contracts are highly secure, readily available records.

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