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Blame Your Lawyer – An Underappreciated Legal Service

Photo of Scrabble tiles spelling "lawyer" for post about how to blame your lawyerIn this post I will explain why, sometimes, it can be helpful to blame your lawyer for something that really is not the lawyer’s fault.

In my experience, this situation typically arises when a client is negotiating business terms with a counterparty.

Client Discomfort During Negotiation

The counterparty has taken a position. My client wishes to take the opposing position, but feels uncomfortable doing so. This may happen because my client feels that he has a weaker negotiating position. Or perhaps he does not want to offend the other party.

This is when it is convenient to blame your lawyer. I say to my client something along the line of the following:

Tell the other party your position concerning this issue. But don’t just assert it on your own. Say, “My lawyer tells me [explain position]. He knows much about this than I do, so I’m inclined to follow his advice.”

Blame Your Lawyer – Effective and Easy

This approach helps my client deal effectively with an awkward situation. Furthermore, it sets the stage for my negotiating the issue on the client’s behalf, if required. And it is easy to implement.

So, if you ever find yourself in a difficult negotiating position, perhaps you should just blame your lawyer.

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