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May an LLC Manager Be a Minor?

Hand drawn workflow diagram representing an LLC manager whi is a minor

This post discusses whether an LLC manager (the person who manages a limited liability company) may be a minor.

In May a Minor Form an LLC?, I discussed whether the organizer of an LLC may be a minor. In that post, I noted that only five states – Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon and Texas – prohibit a minor from organizing an LLC. So, those are the states to which I paid the closest attention in writing this post.

It turns out that of those five states, only Colorado requires that an LLC manager be an adult. Colorado Revised Statutes Section 7-80-402 states, in relevant part:

A manager who is an individual shall be eighteen years of age or older.

Please note that a manager need not be a human being (an “individual”). The manager of an LLC may be a legal entity, such as a corporation or another LLC. However, if the manager is a human being, then, in Colorado, that manager must be an adult.

In summary, in the vast majority of states, an LLC manager may be a minor.

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