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Corporate Compliance Center Joins Hall of Shame

Part of notice provided by Corporate Compliance CenterIt is time to add another corporate compliance vendor – Corporate Compliance Center – to this blog’s Hall of Shame.

This story is so common that it would be boring if we weren’t discussing scam artists.

  • A corporation is formed.
  • Shortly thereafter, a company sends an official-looking letter telling the corporation to pay an amount for “annual meeting compliance” purposes.
  • The letter uses scare tactics (personal liability) to persuade the company to spend money it does not need to spend.

Fortunately, in this case my client decided to contact me before writing a check. My response:

Do not work with them!

By the way:

  • The company notes that its legal name is Compliance Filings Inc.
  • That corporation’s agent for service of process is Business Filings Incorporated.

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