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Can I Form a Corporation with a Future Filing Date?

Logo for Avvo, where Dana answered a question about future filing dateThis post expands upon an Avvo answer that I provided. Q. Can I form a corporation with a future filing date?

A. Yes. The answer will vary slightly depending on the state of incorporation.

Future Filing Date in Delaware

If you want a future filing date in Delaware, Section 103(c)(4) of the General Corporation Law says, in relevant part:

Upon request made upon or prior to delivery, the Secretary of State may, to the extent deemed practicable, establish as the filing date of an instrument a date and time after its delivery.

Future Filing Date in California

If you want a future filing date in California, there is a 90-day limitation. Section 110(a) of the Corporations Code says, in relevant part:

[T]he date of filing shall be the date the instrument is received by the Secretary of State unless the instrument provides that it is to be withheld from filing until a future date…not more than 90 days after its receipt….

In summary, you can form a corporation with a future filing date – just be sure to read the applicable statute carefully.

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