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Pitch Coaches Teach How to Sell in the US

Logo of, which ran an article about pitch coachesIn a recent article (Foreign Entrepreneurs Learn Art of the American Pitch), the Wall Street Journal discussed the role of “pitch coaches” who help foreign entrepreneurs promote themselves in the US. While the article focused primarily on pitches to investors, it applies to selling one’s business to clients and colleagues, as well.

The thrust of the article is that selling in the US is different from selling in other countries. In my work with international clients, I have seen the same thing.

Here are some of the ways that pitch coaches say pitches need to be tailored to work best in the US.

  • People love to hear interesting, gripping stories. Emotional appeal matters more than dry facts.
  • Presenters need to loosen up, to make a personal connection with the audience.
  • Entrepreneurs must be willing to speak about their strengths and successes, to show off a bit, perhaps even to oversell. While modesty may be the norm in many other countries, it is not a winning approach in the US.
  • Fluent English and familiarity with American business terms important.
  • Supporting slide decks need to be short and to the point.

So whether foreign entrepreneurs are looking for money, co-workers or people to buy their products or services, pitch coaches say that knowing how to sell effectively in the US is crucial.

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