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Social Media and Investors – WSJ Explains How

Logo of, which published an article about social media and investorsIn an article published today, the Wall Street Journal discusses how social media and investors can come together for the benefit of startup entrepreneurs. (If You Look Good on Twitter, VCs May Take Notice)

According to the article, more “venture capitalists are taking social media into consideration before they decide to pour millions of dollars into a startup” [emphasis added].

The article includes the following eight tips [emphasis added] for how to bring a startup’s social media and investors together most effectively.

  1. Have a real conversation with users. If they criticize your product, respond and try to fix the problem.
  2. Use creative promotional campaigns that get people involved with the brand.
  3. Update your social media every day. It’s best to have one or two people in the company responsible for the job.
  4. Follow investors and venture capitalists on Twitter and Facebook to see what they’re buzzing about.
  5. Don’t just tweet, blog – it’s easier to show how much knowledge and insight you have.
  6. Show your brand’s personality by posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your daily operations.
  7. Keep up with real-time happenings in your industry by sharing links to relevant news articles.
  8. It’s better to have a huge following on one platform than to have a mediocre one on several.

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