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How Can I Enter a Non-US Address on the Statement of Information Form?

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This post is adapted from an Avvo question that I answered. The questioner was having trouble figuring out how to enter foreign addresses in the Statement of Information form that California corporations file with the Secretary of State each year.

Q. I need to file Form SI-200 for a California corporation. The officers are foreign persons living outside of the US, but the form does not have a field for country. How can I solve this Problem?

A. Having helped dozens of foreign clients, I’ll offer the following general advice, with specific situations addressed below.

General answer: Squeeze the information in the best that you can.


  1. Using the online equivalent of the SI-200, non-US addresses are almost impossible to enter effectively.
  2. Using the fillable PDF SI-200, the task is a little easier, but you still are limited by the field sizes and locations on the form.
  3. If you print the PDF, fill it in by hand and submit hard copy, you can insert whatever information you want to, shifting the problem to the Secretary of State’s data entry personnel to figure out what to do with it. (I suspect they have greater flexibility than the form offers.)

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