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Should I Send Myself Notice of Annual Meetings? logo

This post is adapted from an question that I answered. The questioner wondered whether, as sole shareholder of a corporation, he needs to give himself notice of annual shareholder meetings.

Q. If I am the only shareholder in a corporation, do I have to give myself notice of annual meetings? It seems silly that I would have to notify myself, but is this required to stay legal?

A. While is certainly is possible to provide notice to yourself, there are at least two commonly-used ways to avoid that task:

  1. By attending the meeting (other than to object to its being held without notice), the shareholder consents to the meeting being held and waives any objection pertaining to lack of notice.
  2. In many closely-held corporations, shareholders dispense with the fiction of actually holding an annual meeting and, instead, prepare and sign a Unanimous Written Consent in Lieu of Annual Meeting.

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