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Holland in the Valley: Incorporation for International Companies

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Several weeks ago, the Netherlands Consulate’s Holland in the Valley staff interviewed me about incorporation for international companies.? Excerpts from our conversation recently were posted at the Holland in the Valley website.

Among the topics we discussed were:

  • Whether to have a US-based or foreign-based entity. (To do business in Silicon Valley as a Dutch company, it is best to have a separate California-based entity.)
  • Hiring employees. (To bring in a new employee, you will need three documents: Employment Offer Letter, Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement, Employee Handbook)
  • Gaining a foothold. (To succeed in the US, your product or service first need to have traction in the Netherlands. Having an established relationship with local business partners can also be very helpful.)
  • Dealing with shady investors. (Seek legal advice before committing to any agreements.)
  • Protecting against rogue employees. (Maintaining financial and managerial control over your personnel in the US is critical.)
  • Avoiding litigation. (The best way to avoid litigation is to talk to a lawyer about business practices early on and to make sure you have the right disclaimers and other provisions in your contracts.)

In addition, Holland in the Valley has made my Ten Tips for Success in the U.S. handout available via SlideShare.

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