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WSJ: Rent a Desk, Rather than an Office logo

In an article yesterday (Can’t Afford an Office? Rent a Desk for $275), the Wall Street Journal observed that use of shared workspaces – renting a desk in an open space, rather than renting an office – is increasing throughout the United States.

Such resources have been used for many years by technology startups here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The article specifically cited Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale (which is exploring expansion to other cities).

The major appeal is the lower cost of renting a desk? – either a specific one, or whichever happens to be available when you need it – rather than an office. But there also is the side benefit of being near many other small companies that can be potentially valuable business contacts.

The increasing demand for shared workspaces means that, in the right areas, they can be good for landlords, too. According to the article, in San Francisco shared workspaces have a lower vacancy rate, and command higher per-square-foot rent, than do traditional offices.

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