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I Think the Recession is Over

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There are two reasons why I now think the recession is over. First, within the past two weeks several clients have seen a dramatic increase in investor / acquisition interest:

  • A client that has been offering secure-communication software for six years found fundraising very difficult one year ago. Now it is being chased by four VCs (and may spurn them all for a super-angel investor).
  • A client that developed a superior e-commerce solution two years ago received a mid-seven-figure acquisition offer from a well-known software company – and immediately rejected the offer, having talked to an investor who said he would give the client a substantially higher valuation.
  • A year-old life sciences company that hasn’t even completed development of its intellectual property – but which has a great underlying technology – is about to receive a low-seven-figures VC investment after putting little time and energy into fundraising.

The second reason why I think the recession is over is that during the past several weeks I have had a steadily high level of work that I have not seen since 2008.

One always needs to be concerned about declaring victory too soon, but I – like many clients – am the most optimistic I have been in a long time. I wasn’t sure whether business would ever again be as robust as it was before the recession, but that now seems to have happened.

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