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NDA Nets Plaintiff $50 Million

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Dur-a-Flex v. Laticrete International illustrates the value of a well-drafted nondisclosure agreement (NDA) – not to mention one that includes an attorneys’ fee provision.

Dur-a-Flex developed a trade-secret process for producing colored sand. Laticrete was a long-time Dur-a-Flex customer and the only customer for this product.

When Laticrete’s orders dropped significantly, Dur-a-Flex suspected that Laticrete was using the Dur-a-Flex process in violation of the NDA that Laticrete had signed.

Dur-a-Flex brought suit and won. The Superior Court of Connecticut affirmed a jury award of $43.7 million and awarded attorneys’ fees and costs in excess of $6 million.

Lesson: NDAs are not mere formalities.

Sample mutual and unilateral NDAs are available as Free Downloads on the Downloads page.

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    Dana – You are absolutely right – NDAs are not a necessary evil.