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DMCA Takedown: How Soon is “Expeditiously”?

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A client’s former employee / co-founder departed to form a competing business. Violating the client’s copyrights, he posted dozens of the client’s images on his website and blog. I sent takedown notices to the website’s and the blog’s service providers (see “Terms of Use and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act [DMCA]”). I wondered how expeditiously the service providers would respond.

17 USC Section 512(c)(1)(C) provides a “safe harbor” incentive for service providers to remove, or disable access to, infringing works expeditiously. Unfortunately, “expeditiously” is not defined (see “Defining Expeditious: Uncharted Territory of the DMCA Safe Harbor Provision“).

I faxed the notices last Wednesday evening and followed up by certified mail Thursday morning. Network Solutions, the website host, responded to the infringer by e-mail, with a cc to me, Friday morning. I consider that quite expeditious. The infringer removed all of the infringing works over the weekend.

Meanwhile, as I write this early Monday evening, I have not yet heard back from Google Blogger, the blog host. I consider that quite disappointing. I’ll try to follow up in a couple of days if I do not receive anything before then. The only saving grace is that the vast majority of the infringing works were on the website, rather than the blog.

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