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Need an Angel Investor? Consider AngelList

AngelList Logo

AngelList Logo

There are plenty of companies seeking seed-stage financing, and plenty of seed-stage investors. How can they find one another effectively? AngelList is one answer.

Started in February 2010, AngelList is a straightforward application of social-media principles:

  • Individual seed investors who join provide information such as location (primarily Silicon Valley), fund type (primarily angel or venture capital), companies they have invested in, investment criteria, and amount they want to invest.
  • Entrepreneurs are prompted to provide various pieces of information that comprise a “pitch” and to state whether they want introductions to all angels or to specified angels.
  • AngelList’s founders (Nivi and Naval from Venture Hacks) review each pitch. Each pitch that is accepted is forwarded to the angels requested by the entrepreneur.

In the half-year that AngelList has existed, more than 30 introductions have resulted in investments.

* * *

Update: On October 12, 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that AngelList received a $400 million investment from one of the largest private equity firms in China.

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