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Gay Marriage Fight Leads to Trademark Smackdown (left) and Courage Campaign Logos

It appears that at least some gay marriage foes need to learn a thing or two about trademark law.

On January 12, sent Courage Campaign a cease and desist letter, alleging that Courage Campaign’s Prop 8 Trial Tracker logo infringes’s trademark and copyright in its logo.

On January 14, Courage Campaign responded that its trademark is protected as a parody (most notably, it has a family led by two women rather than a man and a woman), and that if brings suit, it will lose and have to pay Courage Campaign’s legal fees. In my opinion, Courage Campaign has the stronger argument.

The story, including lawyers’ letters in their entirety, is told at issues Cease and Desist for Prop 8 Trial Tracker logo depicting family of two mothers with two kids.

Image credit: Prop 8 Trial Tracker

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