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Sramana Mitra: Bootstrapping – Weapon of Mass Reconstruction

Photo of Sramana MitraLast evening I attended a meeting of eBig’s Startups / VCs SIG. Sramana Mitra presented “Bootstrapping – Weapon of Mass Reconstruction.” It was highly informative for the entrepreneurs in attendance.

Her first comment was one with which I agree completely: There is too much emphasis on on venture capital funding – few businesses qualify, and other forms of financing allow the entrepreneur to retain greater control and a larger share of the business. (See Realistic Financing Options for Startup Companies.)

Sramana then proceeded to expose a large number of myths about entrepreneurship, and she finished by answering attendees’ questions.

The Entrepreneur Journeys page of Sramana’s blog provides a large number of informative interviews with entrepreneurs from around the world.

Photo credit: Blog Business World

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